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Our Fleet

About Central Coast Mini Bus Hire

We are the first choice in luxury driven transport on the Central Coast.
Our fleet consisists of:
2 x 11 seat buses
2 x 14 seat buses
2 x 17 seat buses
2 x 22 seat buses
2 x 24 seat buses
All our vehicles are late model and are maintained to strict schedules.
24 Passengers
21 Passengers
13 Passengers

General Charter Guidelines


We don’t get all narky about responsible drinking, but the safety of the driver, the host(ess), other passengers and the outside public are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO US. So be sensible.
If you or your party are too intoxicated and get to the stage of vomit, you will be removed from the bus and you will need to make your own way home.
Extra fees will be charged to the credit card used for cleaning the vomit.
We use commercial cleaners. The minimum fee is $150.

Damage to Bus or Business

We do NOT under any circumstance tolerate damage to our bus / equipment or the business reputation.
We will stop the bus and we may need to alert authorities.
Any damage repairs will be billed to the credit card and the amount is determined by management.

Violence to the Public, other passengers or the driver

We will remove the passengers from the bus, and as per MOT guidelines we involve the Police immediately, the Police will order the charter to cease on the spot or they may allow to get you straight home.
The charter will be over from that point. NO EXCEPTIONS!
If you know one of your group could be a trouble maker, ensure they are not invited as they could ruin it for everyone else.
Your group needs to be reminded that the bus driver is a public driver and penalties apply.

Cancellations / Refunds

If you cancel on the day, we use the credit card for the full amount payable, or incriments thereof.
If you cancel the booking within 1 month you lose any monies paid to secure the booking.
If you cancel the booking with more than 30 days notice, we refund your deposit less an $80 booking fee.

Our Rights

We have the right to refuse any business, even after taking the deposit.
We would refund the full amount paid if we cancel the event.
We may insist on an extra bond on some charters.
We do not take on EXTRA people on the way home from a charter.
We do not take unknown people on the bus.

Credit Card Disputes

We take credit cards as payments for services.
If you dispute a credit card fee and we are able to prove that the charge is valid, there will be an automatic dispute resolution fee of $300 each instance.
Eg If you tell your bank it wasn’t authorised and we are able to provide the form as proof, there would be a fee payable to our favour for the trouble caused with the banks.

Send a booking request & we will call you right back!

Send a booking request & we will call you right back!