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Some Common Questions

How do I make a booking?

Call us on (02)4303 2827 during business hours or contact us via email from our contact page.

Can I change my booking?

Where possible changes can be made up to 3 days before charter date, dependant on fleet availability. Please notify our office by phone of any alterations to booking.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. We require a 50% deposit being paid at confirmation of booking with the balance to be paid by the departure date.

Are there late fees?

Where the booking party is the cause of any delay on the charters return an hourly charge will be made. Delays due to Traffic, weather or mechanical delays are covered by the quoted price.

What happens if there is a delay?

Sometimes it does occur through no ones fault that a trip may be delayed. We aim to rectify all possible problems within 3 hours of scheduled arrival/departure time.For example repair to flat tyre will take no longer than 1-2 hours, delay due to mechanical fault no longer 2-3 hours. Of course if it can be fixed quicker then we will be back on the road as soon as possible. If the vehicle can not be repaired then a replacement vehicle will be sent. Some delays such as heavy traffic and vehicle accidents can not be scheduled for. Our drivers know there way around, so if an alternative route would be available they will choose the fastest to your destination. In no way are Central Coast Mini Bus Hire responsible for missed concerts, bookings, appointments, flights or other time sensitive events. It is advised that all travellers take precautions to protect themselves from financial loss due to missed or cancelled tickets/ bookings, and when booking our service allow a reasonable time window to complete the journey.

I left my phone (wallet, suitcase, child) on your bus!

Central Coast Mini Bus Hire are in no way responsible for property brought into or left in any of our vehicles. If an item is left on the bus and happens to be found by one of our staff it will be held in our lost property department at head office for collection once a description can be made confirming ownership. If travelling in a large group it is best that everyone is responsible for their own items and once every passenger has alighted at the destination that one person is nominated to final check the vehicle.

Can I hire your bus and drive it myself?

No, we don't hire out buses for self drive.

Do prices include the driver?

All quoted prices include the driver for the duration of your charter.

Can we hire for overnight tours?

Most definitely. We regularly have groups who need our services for whole weekends and week long trips.

Can our group be collected from different addresses?

Yes. But please inform us of this when booking as it helps plan your charter more accurately.

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Send a booking request & we will call you right back!

Send a booking request & we will call you right back!